We are always able to tackle any kind of work. We can saw into house’s foundations to install a patio door as well as saw all the decks of a bridge to replace them. We are simply the reference in concrete sawing and drilling.


More specifically, here are the services we provide:

  • Floor sawing (up to a 24’’ thickness) ;

  • Electrical sawing 110 V, 220 V and 600 V ;

  • Hydraulic and electrical wall-saw
    (up to a 36” thickness) ;
  • Hydraulic drilling (up to a 36” diameter) ;
  • 110 v and 120 v drilling (up to a 36” diameter) ;
  • Air-powered drilling ;
  • Concrete crushing ;
  • Excavation ;
  • Concrete disposal.



We have a 25-vehicule fleets and all of the equipment required to meet all of our clients demands in the shortest delays.


We work in four sectors :

  • Industrial and Commercial. Clients from this sector include general contractors, plumbing contractors, as well as contractors specialized in demolition and electricity.  
  • Institutional. Hospitals and schools use our services.
  • We also work with concrete producers, contractors specialized in bridge repair or road building, as well as city contractors.
  • Residential.

Forage Gareau is the company you need for wall-saw, floorings and sidewalks as well as concrete drilling.